December 6, 2022

A luxurious oasis for an inspiring life in balance

The Touch beauty center opened its doors to clients 6 years ago and since then it has become an indispensable place to go for many clients. Studio Touch is one of those that does not need to be overly introduced, their years of work and success speak for themselves.

Their profile is full of positive reviews, and what does the proud owner say?

“I worked in beauty salons for nine years and discovered my love for my work. The logical consequence was to open my own beauty center, where I provide my clients with the acquired skills, knowledge and professionalism,” says Monika, medical and master beautician.

A well-groomed appearance is the desire of many women and men. In order to enjoy a beautiful body, a well-groomed face and skin, one must surrender to the challenges of the world of beauty with a healthy lifestyle and proper care. But working in the industry also involves listening to and dealing with the emotions of customers. Due to the volume of work, Monika, fortunately for many, will soon open the doors of another center, also in Split.

And who is behind the name of the Touch Beauty Center?

Besides Monika, there are seven permanent and proven employees whose work has been recognized and awarded several times. In addition to two Dermalogica awards, there is also a collaboration with Opi – an American nail polish manufacturer based in Calabasas.

‘Our goal is to realize your vision of beauty and offer you everything in one place. We follow the latest techniques and technologies offered by the esthetic industry. In our work, we use proven and high-quality cosmetics and preparations, and we advise you on how to maintain a healthy body and a beautiful and youthful appearance,” is the unanimous opinion of the team.

Trained staff conveys safety and trust and makes the relationship professional. Touch’s staff is constantly improving and following trends to always meet the challenges of a top beauty center.

In a sea of overwhelming trends, Monika still decided to dress her staff with Yeya uniforms.

“I have long wanted the girls to have special uniforms, because we believe that our touch is special too! We were looking for an uniform that would be elegant, sophisticated and at the same time comfortable for work. We got all of that with the Yeya uniforms. We are very happy with the comfort and quality of Yeya uniforms. Not only do they look sophisticated, but they are also extremely functional, which was one of the most important conditions for us when choosing work clothes. We are already looking forward to new models and colors!” Monika says.

With an individual approach that recognizes and respects the wishes and time of the customer, it will certainly provide each of you with the best service and a pleasant stay.

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