January 27, 2023

Physical therapy is an integral part of many patient recoveries. One of the frequently asked questions is how to work with top athletes and does caring for them require more dedication. The owner of “Fizio sport” Jelena Gabelica explained to us what the challenges and rewards are of working with top athletes in physical therapy and the latest trends in this field.

How is it actually to work with top athletes, do they require more dedication?

If you are thorough and dedicated to your job, it does not require significantly more attention and dedication. It could be said that this job carries more responsibility with which one should know how to cope.

How do you measure success in working with a patient?

The most successful and happiest moment is when the patient leaves the office without pain, functional and able, and educated about how to help themselves so that the same or similar situation does not repeat.

You opened a private clinic “Fizio sport”. What are the latest trends that you offer?

In our clinic, we have two orthopedic specialists who, in addition to specialist examinations, also perform non-invasive therapeutic procedures that are popular today in the world of treatment of the locomotor system, such as hyaluronic application, stem cells from fat and PRP. Therapists differ by completed courses and are therefore allocated to therapies. Our “extended arms” are the most modern physical therapy devices. We are proud to say that we have some of these devices as the first in Croatia, and others as the only institution in the Dalmatia region.

How many members does the “Fizio sport” team consist of?

The whole team consists of 7 people, including orthopedists, therapists and a nurse.

You were engaged as a member of the expert team at the 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo. How do you remember that experience?

Given my private situation within the family that greatly affected me and the conditions under which these games were held, I can only say that the magnitude of this event erases a lot of sadness and ugliness, makes you proud and in a way gives recognition. Overall, it carries a huge responsibility. Everything becomes aware of only when it’s all over.

Given that your work is highly regarded, how do you effectively manage your time? Do you have any time for yourself?

It was very difficult for me in the beginning, I struggled with the pressure and rarely knew how to set boundaries and determine my “working hours”. Today, with quality people around me who can do some of the work instead of me, it is much easier. The experience you gain teaches you how to leave time in the day for things that please and relax you. I dedicate myself to education, training, family and friends. That was impossible before. Now, at the beginning of the day, I could say that I enjoy the adrenaline with the thought of helping someone, creating a positive story around me. People often tell me that I “don’t stop”, but I don’t see it as a burden, it’s all me and I enjoy every role.

What do you enjoy the most in your career?

When you own a private clinic, you are 100 people in 1, and as hard as it may be, I am proud of myself for all the things I have learned. Every day brings a new experience, new destinies and I am part of creating something positive and beautiful. This definitely pushes me forward and motivates me.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

A difficult question, but when I talk about my professional life, responsible, persistent, meticulous.

We are pleased that a beautiful person like you has chosen our uniforms. What was decisive in the choice and are you satisfied with them?

For me, the uniform represents one way of personality. I like comfortable, functional and effective clothing combinations, I like to be different. YEYA has perfectly matched it with colors, materials and design, and certainly one not so insignificant thing in the whole story is that I support all women, young people who have dared to start something of their own. I felt a huge amount of effort, work and love in this job!

Our goal is the consumption of fashion in everyday life and at work. We focus on comfort and quality. Can you say if this has proven to be the case in your choice of uniform?

Absolutely, high quality, modern, functional and effective!

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