How to choose your work uniforms?

April 19, 2021

You have opened a new coffee bar, a new restaurant, all the furniture is in place, the dishes have been set, the workers have been selected, you have organized a dress rehearsal, but every waiter comes in different clothes! All of a sudden, all that carefully chosen furniture, all that cutlery, glass, plate, it all doesn’t have the same rhythm anymore, it doesn’t have the same appeal?

Not professional enough?

The staff that is constantly moving around the bar must be representative, they are the real picture of the facility.
It is these waiters, chefs, managers who make your facility below average, average or above average. We prefer to use the word special, because it is the special that sets us apart from others.
We carefully choose every detail so that you and your staff stand out among the crowd, both in design and high quality of all materials, textiles, threads, as well as all other details on the products.

We bring you a few dress codes, depending on whether it is a coffee bar, restaurant, patisserie or something else.


If you choose clothes for an open-air coffee bar where waiters will spend more time on the terraces, surrounded by greenery, we recommend aprons in lighter colors, such as our apron under the name ”Akira” from the latest collection 2022 presented in early 2021.
With a lighter apron, depending on the interior, you can choose polo shirts or shirts.
If it is a coastal or Mediterranean facility, we are happy to suggest linen shirts that are comfortable to stay in and retain their aesthetic function.

If it is a matter of daily coffee bars where crowds are frequent, we recommend some of our aprons from the new collection under the name ”Lav” or ”Janja”
In addition to the protective function of each of our uniforms, these aprons will highlight your object with design and bring a touch of professionalism and personality, so even when you are the busiest and when nothing goes according to plan, this segment will still be at a high level.


When it comes to restaurants, it is very important to choose whether they are fast food restaurants, classic restaurants or signature restaurants

If you choose clothes for the staff in a fast food restaurant, where speed is most important, we recommend high-functionality clothes.
T-shirts with or without collars, waist aprons such as some of our aprons from the 2022 collection under number.

If you choose uniforms for restaurants of the classic type, we offer a wide range of aprons as well as uniforms in general, shirts, T-shirts, etc.
Choose uniforms according to the type of restaurant.
If it is a fish restaurant, we advise you aprons under the name: ”Helen”, ”Janja”, ”Akira”.
In these aprons, whether you are at sea or not, combined with a linen shirt and a suitable table set will take you right there.
Whether it is a restaurant serving meat dishes, pasta or pizza, we gladly recommend yeya aprons under the name: ‘‘Yves”, ”André” or ”Lav”  which with their interesting details allow even the simplest interior and exterior to come to the fore.

If you own one of the restaurants frequented by a kind of elite who spend an enviable amount of money for lunch or dinner, we definitely advise your staff to be trained according to the rules of the dress code for restaurants of the highest rank.
A fine shirt made of linen, quality poplin and even silk will look very nice with our yeya aprons under the name: ”Alina”, ”Franca”, ”Miuccia” or ”Rocco”.
Stand out from the crowd and highlight your personality through quality clothing.


• When we talk about sweet stories, we have specially designed some of our uniforms under the name ”Tania” i ”Madeleine” just for such facilities.
You will agree that with this YEYA apron you don’t need to add much except possibly your logo and a plain cotton T-shirt with short or long sleeves.
Don’t worry, if you want to sweeten that part of the fashion story, a poplin or linen shirt looks great.

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