In this article, we bring you some advice on which medical uniforms to choose according to your body shape.

How to emphasize certain parts of the body, which to balance and in what way!?

Every woman’s body is specific and it is clear that the same item of clothing will not ideally suit everyone.
However, each of us has some parts of ourselves that we like and want to emphasize.

We believe that every body shape is beautiful and special in its own way, and each one, with the right choice of clothes, can highlight what you like most about your body, and balance out what you don’t like so much.
Some of the most common forms of the female body are defined, although not in a scientific way, but visually, easily imagined:


Women with a “rectangular body shape” usually do not have excessively expressed curves. Most often, this body shape is defined so that the width of the chest and waist are similar, and the width of the shoulders and hips are similar.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: “Maria” and “Maya”
Models such as the medical uniform “Maria” will make your waist visually narrower and emphasize your hips, while the medical pants “Maya” will emphasize your legs, and the whole body will look even more feminine.

Medical uniform ”Maria”


This body shape is characterized by the fact that the shoulders and chest are narrower than the hips, while the waist is very often narrow and pronounced.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: “Yulia” and “Maya”
The medical uniform “Yulia” will emphasize your waist and hips, while it will add a little volume in the shoulder and chest area, so that area will appear balanced with other parts of the body.
Medical pants Maya will fit nicely with the medical uniform “Yuliu”

yeya shop medical uniform Yulia pink
Medical uniform ”Yulia”


With this body shape, the shoulders and chest are wider, while the hips are relatively narrow compared to the shoulders and chest, you have an inverted triangle or “apple” shape.
Women with this type of build often like to show off their legs and arms.

Medical pants “Maya” will emphasize your legs, and “Any” will make the shoulders look smaller due to their simple shape.

yeya medical blouse Any
Medical blouse ”Any”


If your hips and bust are almost the same width, and your waist is narrower than your hips and bust, you have an hourglass shape.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: “Maša”, “Irina”, “Neva”, “Any”
With this body shape, most items of clothing are nice, but still, our recommendation is the medical gown “Neva” which will emphasize the narrow waist.
Also, the medical pants will lengthen the legs and emphasize the waist, which we are very happy to combine with the medical blouse “Any” which also emphasizes the narrow waist.
Undoubtedly, the medical uniform of “Irina” highlights the hourglass shape very nicely.

yeya shop medical uniform Irina royal blue
Medical uniform ”Irina”