How to surprise a tired and busy doctor with a perfect gift?

We all know that healthcare professionals give their patients the best care every day, so we believe they deserve the best from them as well. But how can you show them how much you appreciate their tireless efforts by giving them a gift that comes from the heart? While doctors have a lot in common, they’re not all the same – they’re just like everyone else, with special preferences, their own style, special hobbies, etc. When thinking about the perfect gift, choose one that’s personal because it’s quality. Durable and impressive gifts for doctors are the right choice. They all need clothes for work, and in the last two years, the medical staff has become even more important because of the pandemic. We all know how hard medical staff work during the day and how important it’s to wear natural material and look beautiful.

Doctor’s scrubs – the perfect gift form!

Impress the important doctor in your life with a truly meaningful gift – a medical garment from the “YEYA” collection that shows how much you appreciate him and his commitment to medicine. After all, medical personnel have a right to fashion too, and each piece from the “YEYA” collection gives the medical uniform a designer treatment whose goal was to make medical clothing a new form of self-expression.

So let’s start by freeing ourselves from the question of what to give a doctor, and take a look at the collection below, which is sure to provide the “wow” moment that every exceptional doctor deserves!

Here you will find 2 pieces of medical pants and 3 pieces of medical blouses for all the medical professionals in your life, whether it is your parent, your child, your friend or your doctor – which can be combined with each other. Practical, stylish and comfortable medical uniforms are on this list, perfect for the upcoming holidays, birthdays or “just because”. Recent graduates, veterans, nurses or doctors – all of them will be happy to have a gown that will make them stand out from the crowd and in which they can comfortably survive any long and exhausting shift.
The first model in the series is:



This model has short sleeves and a slight slit in the neck area. Modern blouse with V-neck has two external pockets on the front, because everyone knows that one pocket is not enough to comfortably store everything you need. Medical blouse “Patrick” is a model that comes in 10 colors from our range.

With clever pockets for clinicians and an impeccable finish, this elegant piece is ready for anything from an all-day patient consultation to a fancy dinner. “Patrik” is a special choice for a doctor that shows how much you respect his services.

The blouse is followed by the


A classic men’s doctor’s pants, which has an elastic band in the back that adjusts to the width of the hips. The pants have two pockets and can be ordered in 10 colors from our palette.


The special comfort of these pants is that they can accompany the doctor directly from work to the gym. They are not only visually unique and elegant, but also comfortable and practical for the daily overtime shift of numerous doctors.


Medical blouse “Hugo” is a model that comes in 10 colors from our palette. This model has short sleeves and two outer pockets on the front. The model “Hugo” is characterized by piped stripes on the front and back of the blouse, which bring the body line in a subtle shape of an inverted triangle, emphasizing the shoulders. It is possible to choose the piping stripes in any color from our palette in the menu.


For the modern doctor, “Hugo” offers all the benefits of a lab corner in an equally professional presentation, but with a heightened, sharp energy. Unlike the traditional white blouse, this garment can be worn outside the clinic, under a casual bathrobe.


Medical pants “Teo” is a pair of pants with a distinctive design, available in 10 colors from our palette. The pants have an elastic band at the back of the waist, which allows them to adjust to the body and provide a high level of comfort.

yeya medical uniform teo dark blue3

The pants are narrowed in the ankle area, have 2 upper pockets and two outer pockets in the knee area, and you can choose the patch shoulder straps in any color from our palette in the menu.



Medical blouse “Luka” is available in 10 colors from our palette. This model has short sleeves and a stand-up collar, which is closed lengthwise with 2 buttons and eyelets. On the front of the blouse there are two outside pockets. The special doctor in your life deserves nothing but the best, right down to a soft, reliable blouse for all day wear – especially one he can wear under his lab coat or jacket.


YEYA makes many different styles of lab blousons, all with a nice fit and durable fabrics. Your gift is literally an investment in your loved one’s future as a successful physician.

They’re essential and should be durable, with quality fabrics, a comfortable fit, and accessible styles – but you’ll be surprised to find that most tops and bottoms just aren’t designed with these principles in mind.

When choosing a surprise gift, remember that doctors don’t need too much, they need something comfortable, modern, durable and effective.

Therefore, our answer is simple from the beginning: surprise your doctor with a medical uniform!