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NOTE: Webshop ordering services can only be used by people over 18 years of age.


These terms of sale define the process of ordering, payment, delivery, return and reclamation of goods offered on our site.
Supplier (Seller) is YEYA, craft for design, production, and commerce, owned by Lea Gotlin (Plančićeva 4, 21 000 Split, OIB: 31584138022, tel: +385 91 2345 446, email: yeya.croatia@gmail.com)
The buyer (consumer) of goods is an online store visitor who selects at least one product, puts it in the cart, pays by credit card, bank transfer (payment slip) at the bank (post office or FINI) or on delivery, and sends the order to the seller.
The prices of retail products with VAT are expressed.
The currency is the Euro (€).


Products are ordered by creating a web order (“shopping cart”) on the online store’s website.
Next to each item there is an option “ADD TO CART”.
Next to each item there is an option to select the quantity of the item.
If you have added the wrong item to the cart, there is an option “DELETE,” – “character with which you can remove the item from the cart.
You can add new items to the cart according to the same procedure as the one you selected.
When you add all the items you want to buy to your cart, you can view it by clicking on the “MY CART” option, which is located in the upper right part of the webshop. If you have selected everything you need, click on the “GO PAYMENT” option.
A page will now open where you need to enter your payment information.
If you are a new customer and have not logged in and created an account, you can do so on that page.
Follow the application procedure on the YEYA online store.
Here you can choose whether you want to pick up the goods in person at our store or you want delivery via courier service.
If you want the shipment to be sent to another address, select the “DELIVER TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS” option. This option is practical if you buy the item as a birthday gift.
Once you have completed the current procedure, select the payment method.
You can choose to pay by cash, card or bank transfer.
Cash payment is made upon collection of the item. Payment by bank transfer is made through banks, post office or similar institutions.
Cash payment is considered payment when picking up the package. Payment by bank, post office and similar institutions is considered a transfer. Card payment refers to credit cards.

Payment by card in the YEYA online store is completely secure and there is no risk of data leakage or theft.

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Diners cards.
After checking the correctness of the data, select the “ORDER” option if you want to complete the process and order items.
After selecting the “ORDER” option, a window will open with the message “Your order has been received. You will be notified by e-mail about the status of your order.”
If you want, you can print the order.
Your e-mail address will receive a message with the subject “Your YEYA order has been received!”, Which means that your order has been received.

When YEYA delivers your shipment, you will receive a message in the mail. In this message you will receive information that the shipment has gone to the address you specified as the address for delivery of purchased items.

If the seller is not able to deliver all the ordered products, he will deliver the available ones and inform the buyer by e-mail or phone together with information about the availability and the estimated time for delivery of the remaining products. If the products cannot be delivered later, the contract of sale is automatically terminated for undelivered products.

The seller is responsible for material defects in accordance with positive regulations, especially in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act of the Republic of Croatia.


When ordering YEYA products, delivery is free for orders over 60 € for orders in Croatia.
We deliver via DPD or GLS delivery service usually within 3-5 working days from the finalization of the order. The order is considered finalized from the moment the receipt of payment is received.
In the case of cash on delivery, the order is considered received when an agreement on the same is concluded.
For shipments of up to 60 €, the delivery costs of the ordered goods are charged in the amount of €3.32 for Croatia. Delivery costs are not charged for Croatia for shipments whose value exceeds € 60.


The Buyer may unilaterally terminate the Contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods to the Buyer without giving a reason. The Buyer is not entitled to unilateral termination of the Agreement if:
-the subject of the contract is perishable goods or expired goods
-subject of the contract sealed goods which due to health or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return, if they were unsealed after delivery
-the subject of a contract is a commodity which, by its nature, is inseparably mixed with other things after delivery

The return of the product is possible if it has not been worn or washed within two weeks of delivery.
The products to be returned must be sent together with the invoice by registered mail and at your own expense to our address:
Vrboran 27,
21,000 Split, Croatia

The product is your responsibility until it reaches us. To protect your interests
we advise sending the package by registered mail or the option to track the shipment, and we recommend sending it by the GLS (General Logistics Systems Croatia d.o.o.) or DPD (DPD Croatia d.o.o.) delivery service, which will notify us by e-mail and phone about your shipment.


DPD: https://www.posaljipaket.hr/landing-calc-hr/kalkulator/predracun.php?lang=HR
GLS: https://www.paket.hr


Refunds will be made within the statutory period of 14 days. It is necessary to indicate your data in the package.
To the e-mail yeya.croatia@gmail.com it is necessary to send the account number (IBAN) and personal data of the account owner (name, surname and full address) to which we will make the refund.

If it is an order of less than € 60 in which delivery was originally calculated, the refund amount will be reduced by the amount of delivery.


When returning the ordered product, the buyer bears the cost of delivery in the amount of € 4.65 for orders in Croatia. In the event that a mistake is made by the seller, the costs shall be borne by the seller.


When replacing the product, the customer is obliged to properly pack the product he is returning, and to protect it from possible damage during transport.

The seller (YEYA) will order a courier service at the buyer’s address and will deliver the new product to the buyer, and pick up the product which is returned to the seller.


The products are carefully packed during shipping and are protected from possible damage during transport. When taking over, the customer is obliged to check the shipment in order to determine any external damage, and to report it to the courier service employee who delivered it, ie he is not obliged to pick up the damaged shipment.

Ordered Products in the shipment are insured against loss in delivery.


Ordered products with delivery costs (if any), the buyer will pay the seller by credit card, cash on delivery or bank transfer on the seller’s website via Ws Pay with Diners, Maestro, Visa or MasterCard cards. In the event that the buyer orders the goods and refuses to accept them, the seller has the right to demand from the buyer reimbursement of postage and own handling costs.


You can send your complaints as well as compliments, suggestions and questions: by mail to the address YEYA, craft for design and production, owner Lea Gotlin (Plančićeva 4, 21 000 Split, email: yeya.croatia@gmail.com

Consumer responsibility for impairment of goods

In the case of exercising the right to unilateral termination of the contract, the consumer / buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

If the purchased product has been used, it is not possible to return or replace the product.

Liability for material defects of the product

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/14, 110/15, 14/19), the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act (OG 35/05, 41) apply to relations between consumers and traders in the event of a material defect in a product. / 08, 125/11, 78/15) on liability for material defects.

We accept various payment methods on our website. In addition to cash and bank transfers, we offer the possibility of paying with all known debit credit cards in Croatia, as well as numerous combinations of installment payments.

Statement on the use of WSPay

Yeya webshop uses WSPay for online payments.

WSPay is a secure system for online payment, real-time payment, credit and debit cards and other payment methods. WSPay provides the customer and merchant with secure registration and transfer of entered card data, which is confirmed by the PCI DSS certificate that WSPay has. WSPay uses SSL certificate 256 bit encryption and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest levels of protection when writing and transferring data.


YEYA, obrt za dizajn i proizvodnju i trgovinu, vl. Lea Gotlin
Jurja Plančića 4, 21 000 Split, Hrvatska
Tel: 091/2345-446
E-mail : yeya.croatia@gmail.com
MB: 98153633 

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