Why choose YEYA uniforms?

April 19, 2021

In order to introduce you to what we do, we must first mention that
What makes us special and unique is


Considering that every activity from year to year experiences transformations and innovations, so does the clothing and textile industry.
Design is at the center of interest in many industries, including ours we pay great attention to.
What we wanted to escape from was making clothes that anyone involved in sewing and tailoring can achieve. We wanted to put an emphasis on high design and something that is not seen on daily basis.


When it comes to product quality it should be noted that the textiles we use come from verified suppliers and manufacturers.
Each textile material is tested in a valid manner, according to EU standards and environmental quality requirements.
When you become the owner of a yeya product, it is important to take proper care of the product in order to extend its lifespan.


In order for your employees to perform the tasks without interruption, it is very important that they feel comfortable and functional in their uniforms.
Although we always put design as the driving force and the starting point of our company, we must agree that design is not crucial if it makes mobility and doing work difficult.
Given this fact, we took care initially that in yeya uniforms you perform the activities that are necessary without hindrance.


What we like to emphasize is that we are a young company, full of desire to work and full of enthusiasm, we strive for improvement in uniforms, but also our company in general.
Our team is a team of young people, motivated to work and eager to show and prove our quality and what we can do.


Last but not least reason to choose YEYA products is the recognition of our products in the market.
Many have chosen ours in the multitude of products and we are proud to work with many well-known and lesser-known companies and have positive feedback from them.

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